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Founder, Owner, Director

Kyle specializes in technical and tactical development, with over a decade of experience coaching teams.

I prefer small group coaching because it encourages collaborative conversations with athletes, adjusting my coaching style to fit their unique needs. Small group environments allow us to explore a broader range of topics, diving deeper into the concepts, techniques, and individual needs. It shifts the focus from complex team patterns to isolating essential game scenarios to teach decision making and proper technique.

Kyle is the founder, owner, and director of Shock Sports. He designs custom curriculums for all Shock Sports programs, accelerating the development of beginner to elite soccer players. Kyle started Shock Sports to continue developing players without the restrictions of building a competitive team, allowing him to focus on individual growth. His goal is to create well-rounded athletes who have opportunities to play at the next level.


On the field Kyle specializes in technical and tactical development, with more than a decade of experience coaching individuals, small groups, teams and operating organizations. In his time coaching he has had various roles outside of Shock Sports including Vice President, General Manager, Director of Field Player Development, Director of Goalkeeper Development, College Recruiting and Head Coaching multiple teams each year.

​Kyle has found success by developing athletes who have signed professional contracts in Europe and the MLS, as well as NCAA D1, D2, and D3 levels.

In addition to Shock Sports, Kyle focuses on Field Player & Goalkeeper Development. He actively serves as a Head Coach at ODP Vermont, where he has contributed to the selection of numerous players for the regional pool and regional ODP Team.

Playing Career

A native of Montpelier, Vermont, Kyle's early years involved playing soccer, hockey, and lacrosse at U-32 High School, where he found success by winning back-to-back hockey championships and returning the following year. Kyle also reached the championship in soccer and received multiple accolades, including Vermont first-team all-state selection, First Team All-Capital League, and an honorable mention in the Burlington Free Press.

He continued his soccer journey at New England College, where he stood out as a starting defender in his freshman season. He later transferred to Northern Vermont University - Johnson, where he was named captain in his first season, leading the team to the playoffs for the first time in over 5 years.

Kyle's extensive experience spans various roles outside of Shock Sports:

​Player Development

  • Vice President 

  • Vermont ODP Head Coach (Olympic Development Program) 


Club Roles

  • General Manager

  • Board Member Providing Coaching Support

  • Director of Field Player Development

  • Director of Goalkeeper Development

  • Technical Director

  • College Recruiting

  • Head Coach of multiple teams each year


College Roles

  • Assistant Coach Men's & Women's teams

  • Recruiting and Supporting players in the process

Full Bio
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