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The Shock Sports Experience program offers a series of objective-based mini soccer games that are fun, fast-paced, and challenging. Each session lasts for one hour, during which athletes participate in 3v3 and 6v6 gameplay using our comprehensive curriculum with evolving objectives.


Shock Sports coaches provide real-time, individualized training and feedback, ensuring uninterrupted gameplay. Teams are formed for each game, taking into account the abilities and skills of each athlete.

Winter Experience Gameplay Training Schedule

Saturday's  |  Essex - Champlain Valley Expo

12:30   Experience Gameplay Training

1:30   Experience Gameplay Training

3:30   Experience Gameplay Training

Once you purchase our base pass, we will work with you to place your athlete in the correct Experience Gameplay Training timeslot.


Base Pass



Every month

Experience Gameplay Program Included

Gameplay Development

Using adjusted areas of play and gameplay situations, we are able to target specific aspects of each athletes game. Our coaches utilize a form of guided discovery and exploration to  solve in game scenarios. 

Benefits include:

  • Enhanced Decision-Making Skills

  • Safe Individual Learning Environment

  • 48 Weekly Sessions per year

  • Comprehensive Curriculum with Evolving Objectives

  • Challenged by a Variety of Players

  • Groups Based on Skill-Level

  • Flexibility to Opt Out at Any Time

Experience Plan

You must have an active Shock Sports Base Pass to attend training sessions.

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