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Our soccer training programs operate on a 48-week curriculum schedule each year, carefully synchronized to help athletes become well-rounded competitors.


Our summer is packed with training programs for soccer players ages 9-19 of all abilities.

Summer Schedule


Sundays  |  Essex - Maple Street Park

2:00  Technical Skill Development - Goalkeepers

3:00  Experience Gameplay Training 1

4:00  Technical Skill Development - Field Players

5:00  Experience Gameplay Training 2


Tuesdays  |  Essex - Maple Street Park

5:00 Advanced Skill Development - Field Players (Invite only)

We send out emails each week confirming program times. Always email by Thursday of each week if your athlete will NOT be attending so we can plan accordingly. 

Please reload the page if the Calendar does not load all of the events, we are working on solving this issue!!

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