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Our soccer training programs operate on a 48-week curriculum schedule each year, carefully synchronized to help athletes become well-rounded competitors.

Winter Schedule


Saturday's  |  Essex - Champlain Valley Expo

12:30 Experience Gameplay Training 1

1:30   Experience Gameplay Training 2

2:30   Technical Skill Development - Field Players

          Technical Skill Development - Goalkeepers

3:30   Experience Gameplay Training 3

We no longer require members to book sessions in advance! Instead, we ask you to email  by Thursday of each week if your athlete will NOT be attending Saturday so we can plan accordingly. 

Please reload the page if the Calendar does not load all of the events, we are working on solving this issue!!

Upcoming Events

Join us for additional Gameplay & Training opportunities throughout the year.

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Kicking Off Outdoor!

Join Our FREE "Kicking Off Outdoor" Event! 
(No Additional Commitment)

We're inviting players of all abilities to experience our unique objective-based gameplay training sessions absolutely FREE at our annual "Kicking Off Outdoor" event. 

Discover how Shock Sports can take your game to the next level with our programs which have accelerated the growth in athletes of all abilities through cutting-edge training methodologies.

Players ages 8-12: Saturday, April 27th
Players ages 13+: Saturday, May 5th
@ Maple Street Park and Pool in Essex Junction

Space is limited, Register now for our FREE "Kicking Off Outdoor" event!

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