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Mindset Training

Coach Kyle Verchereau trainining reactions and coordination
Reaction Stick.jpg


Refine your performance with our cutting-edge reaction training program. Our specialized training is designed to enhance your speed of thought, reaction time, and coordination, giving you the edge you need to excel in your sport.


Our expert trainers provide specialized techniques and tools to help you fine-tune your game and take it to the next level.

Target Setting

Our athletes are target oriented and train with a purpose, we meet with our athletes to set targets and assess their progress. This allows us to adjust their training plan and continue to see improvements in their performance.

Example of goal setting and tracking


Consistency is crucial to success at the College and Professional level. Our training focuses on refining your techniques on and off the ball, building muscle memory and improving your understanding of how to adjust your techniques.


With our training, you can sharpen your individual technique, giving you the ability to focus on the game, your team's system of play, and execute what your coaches need from you to excel.

Early morning training at soccer field


We create opportunities for athletes to train, develop, and play at the next level. We teach ways of becoming disciplined, overcoming obstacles, and support athletes with decision making. We train rain or shine, when athletes are having good or bad days, developing mental toughness. Our programs are not fun games or scrimmages, athletes who are able to focus on small details and stay focused on the objectives will have the best chance of achieving them.

Coach Jefferson Hales using resistance training with a Shock Sports Goalkeeper


We prioritize the individual athlete by providing a safe and supportive learning environment focused on personal success and growth. Our small group training allows for more individual attention and encourages questions and discussion, resulting in improved participation and interpersonal skills. This attention also promotes leadership development and fosters unique perspectives, leading to better technique understanding and self-reflection.


We help athletes visualize their success by teaching them how to walk through game scenarios and solve problems before stepping on the field. By practicing visualization techniques, athletes are more likely to see positive results and feel more confident in their abilities during training and competition.

Shock Sports Goalkeeper training reactions and recovery with blazepods
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