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What to include in your recruiting profile

When building your recruiting profile include the following items:

  • Graduation year - projected year of attendance

  • Highschool - GPA |

  • SAT and/or ACT or other equivalent scores

  • Academic or Athletic Honors

  • Highlight film

  • Download our PDF guide for more

Identifying colleges


Career Interests


Finding locations that you are interested in living in during and after college is the most important part of the college search. Many factors can determine whether a location will work for you to be successful and happy, finding a career is easiest if your college is nearby the location of your prospective jobs.

Major / Minor areas of study

There are many ways to prepare yourself for a career that your interested in, discover possible career paths by talking to admissions or advisors in the department. Find interests outside academics at the college as well; clubs, internship opportunities, etc.

Team Success & Coaches

Look at the past 2 seasons of the sports program, if the coach is new look up their success by reading their their bio. Talk with players on the team about their experience at the college and team culture. Keep in mind that recruiting is a sales process and research needs to be done outside of admissions and conversations with coaching staff. If you plan on playing or coaching competitively after college, ask about possible connections or history of players being successful from the program.

Contacting Coaches

Put yourself out there

Send a personalized email to the coaches your interested in playing for, include why you are interested in attending their college and why you would make a good fit for the team. College coaches are interested in recruiting athletes who are competitive and add to the team culture.

What to include

How to standout to a college coach

Fill in

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