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Skill Development


Fall Schedule:

Winter Schedule:

Every Sunday at Essex Maple Street Park

3:00 Field Players + Goalkeepers

Every Saturday at Essex Champlain Valley Expo

12:30 Field Players

2:30 Goalkeepers

You must have an active Shock Sports Experience Pass and a Group Training Pass to book Skill Development Technical sessions.


In our Technical Skill Development soccer program athletes focus on working individually to complete weekly objectives without external pressure from opponents. Field players will improve technique, decision-making, and combination play. Goalkeepers will enhance their positioning, save techniques, and distribution.


Learn Proper Techniques

Shock Sports Soccer Training | How to Head a Soccer Ball

Build Positive Habits


Transform Your Skills

Technical Mastery Class

SKILL DEVELOPMENT - All Members Eligible

Our Technical Skill Development Program offers a chance to master proper techniques at your own pace within a focused small group soccer training environment.

  • Field player & goalkeeper training is available.

  • Soccer-specific physical body movement training.

  • Technical training focused on attacking and defending techniques.

  • Athletes are separated based on their ability.

  • Coaches teach technical breakdowns of the necessary skills for our Next Level and Experience Programs.



We do high intensity training working on: handling, diving, foot positioning, speed, acceleration, distribution, crosses and game realistic movement, for positioning inside and outside of the box. Every time I come here I know that I’m going to get good training.


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